Monday, June 7, 2010

Tournament Madness Ensues

I had planned on giving everyone an overview of the two tournaments I have coming up this month. On June 19, I will be attending a local event here in Huntsville, set up by one of the members of the local gaming group. It looks like we will have about 20 players including Raptor1313 of Spite for the Dice Gods. I haven't played against Rob in a while, so I'm hoping for the head-to-head there. He's always a blast to play against.

This event is done in the typical RT fashion, most likely using custom missions I have talked with the organizer about scoring and the system has been modified from his original vision to be a bit more competitive, but still relies a large part on soft scores. It will likely take a large amount of effort for my local community to move away from soft scores, but I'm being fairly vocal while also being civilized. Maybe it'll bear fruit soon.

[Edit]An update from the organizer made just moments after this post states that the missions for this event will be taken directly from the rulebook. Most awesome tournament mission set ever, as all players will be familiar with the rules. Apparently each of the objective types will be used once, so two different objective missions and a single kill point mission. Each mission will also have a separate deployment type. My 2000 point army is built around these missions in particular, so this should give me quite a strong showing here.[/Edit]

On June 26 I am playing in another event at Dicehead. The event page can be found here. You may remember that I placed 4th in the 'Ard Boyz event held at that store. They are a great group of people, and this event is set up to be quite large. They posted the missions last week, and I was a bit disappointed in how they were set up. Some discussion with the organizer has fixed some glaring flaws, and he has mentioned he will be updating the second mission to use killpoints instead of victory points as well as some other tweaks to make things more balanced. This particular mission has units respawning after death, and I was explaining to him the interaction of tervigons with both that rule and victory points.

In the course of our discussion, the organizer mentioned to me that one of the top 3 finishers from our 'Ard Boyz event was not going to be able to attend, and thus the spot opened up for me to go this weekend. It's a bit short notice, so I'm looking heavily at using the army that earned me 4th place, but also converting the venerable dread to another fire support dread. 3 land raiders, 3 dreads, and 4 terminator squads with the old smoke and apothecary fit into exactly what I've been mentioning about DA so far. I figure it's always good to put your money where your mouth is.

So there you have it. The next 3 weeks will have me competing in 3 separate tournaments. In the past I've always managed a single loss in tournaments. Perhaps one of these three will be the place I pull out an undefeated showing?


  1. Lucky, I wish I could get to hang out and play games with Raptor.

    That's a lot going on. Good on you for showing folks sense when it comes to running events.

    Good luck.

  2. Don't get too cocky now, it might be your undoing, lol.

    Good luck at the tournaments! Especially 'Ard Boyz. I couldn't make it to any locations (closest one is 14 hours away! and for only 3 games that's a long drive)

  3. For such a large gaming group, there really should be more people running tournaments other then myself in Huntsvegas.

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