Monday, June 28, 2010

RayJ Goes Undefeated!

You heard it here first folks. I have attended my first ever tournament where I have not lost a single game, and I was playing Dark Angels to boot. The catch here, however, is that I walked away with two draws on the day, going 1-0-2. The missions were fairly straightforward, and actually not all that bad after the final edits got in. One of these days I'll learn not to play with a handicap and use a real codex.

I've got a lot on my plate today, so I'm not gonna go very in depth on the games themselves. My camera phone (which was working on friday and I got fine-tuned for 40k pics) decided it wouldn't even start up at the event, so no pictures from me yet again :(

My first game was table quarters against an ultramarines player running Lysander and Tigerius. Lots of elite spam in his list, and anyone with volume of long-ranged firepower could take him easily. That wasn't me, and his 3+ storm shield saves laughed at my powerfists and lascannons all game. I almost had the win before Lysander came over and sucker-punched my command squad off the board.

My second game was seize ground against Orks who were running 3 battlewagons and a kustom force field. Thing is, his battlewagons were about 3 and a half times the size of a land raider, and all the terrain on this board was huge impassable line-of-sight blocking stuff (pretty much the only board at the event like that). It made movement around his army super-hard and side-armor shots on the battlewagons almost impossible after turn 1. Getting a draw under such circumstances seemed good to me. I failed to take down even a single battlewagon, shooting every lascannon (and some multi-melta at it) pretty much every turn.

Game 3 was killpoints against an IG army. I got the first turn and took a small but early lead. The catch in this mission was that any non-hq unit that died came back on that player's turn. I ended up immobilizing most of his heavy-hitting tanks so that they couldn't bring all their guns to bear and I farmed on some chimeras and the vendetta. He managed to kill two dreadnoughts and immobilize all my land raiders, but by that point they had fire coverage on the whole board. This was a fairly hefty win by turn 5 when I sprang ahead by a large number of kill points. Other than the immobilization of another dread when it came on, he killed a single terminator.

Two draws with mediocre battle points puts me in the same bracket I always end up in, right in the middle of the pack in scoring. I'm gonna start looking heavily at Eldar and the other marine codices to see what the future might hold as far as tournaments go. I love playing the Deathwing, but I'd like to go in and completely smash face from time to time, and that's extremely hard to do when one isn't playing a 5th edition codex.

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  1. Grats on making the most of our lame Codex :P

    The grass is indeed greener on the other side, at least until our book gets redone.



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