Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eldar Strike Force taking shape

Last night I did a good bit of work modeling up some jetbikes. As mentioned before, I got my hands on some Jetbike Seer Council conversion bits from Chapterhouse Studios. Each kit comes with a rider (the farseer kit has two torsos to choose from), new handlebars, witchblade and spear, and some bits for spicing up the jetbike itself. Last night I built up 8 warlocks (4 with witchblades 4 with spears) and my autarch. I had pieced together the farseer on Sunday to familiarize myself with the kit.

I went ahead and pinned everything so the superglue would have more surface area for holding the models together. I have the riders just sitting loose on the bikes right now. after I get them painted up I'll secure them, probably with a tiny amount of superglue, as some of these sit very loose on the bikes.

Here are some images of a few.

The spear rider shown has been modified to hold his spear in a throwing position, and I really like the effect. The autarch has been gifted a bike-mounted fusion gun to go with his lance. The guardians will all be going without helmets and using proper guardian torsos, as shown. I ahve some elf heads to replace pretty much all the helmets on guardians in my entire army (and I have a lot fo guardians)

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