Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Playing Dark Eldar: The Ulthwé Rapid Response Fleet (Revised)

The basics behind the list haven't changed much in the past few months, but there are some substantial changes in the details that affect gameplay a good bit. I have a long way to go before I hit the ceiling with Dark Eldar, so I should see marked improvement each time out. Right now this is where the army sits at 2000 points based on playtesting and my current ability to utilize the army.

A new project for 2012: Playing Dark Eldar

Hey look, only 4 months between updates! I've been doing a lot behind the scenes, and the end of 2011 was super busy for me. Didn't do much in the way of gaming at all, though I did take 2nd place in a local RTT with my Death Hammer Dark Angels in early December.

Since then I have been painting up my Ulthwé themed Dark Eldar at a slow but steady pace, and I'm gonna be breaking out with it during the 2012 tournament season, beginning with the Battle for Stones River in Murphreesboro, TN.

I'm playing the Dark Eldar in our local escalation league that started last week, and using those experiences to hone my deployment and movement strategies. this is especially important at the lower point values where certain armies can destroy my vehicle fleet by just thinking about it. I earned 3 out of 5 possible points for this round of the league, and will be using them to expand my territory on our 3-planet campaign map (using planetary empires). I started off with a spaceport, and I'm 2 tiles from a hive city (the closest i could start to one), and am on schedule for claiming the hive city at the end of the 2nd round.

Here is the list of upcoming events where you will be able to see my Dark Eldar army in action. I'm sure I will be adding to this list, but these events have been scheduled and paid for already.

The Foundry escalation league - Currently ongoing
Battle for Stones River 2012 - February 25
CAGE Match Finals 2012 - March 24-25 (Representing the Foundry)
The Kalm Before the Waaagh! - May 4-5
Warhammer 40k American Team Championship - July 14-15 (Representing the Foundry)

I will be making another post today explaining my current list and thought processes behind it, but I have some stuff to take care of first.


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