Monday, November 1, 2010

Works in Progress: Ulthwé Ravagers and Raiders

As promised, I have taken some images of my Ravagers that I will be using for my Ulthwé army with Codex: Dark Eldar. I currently only have two of the new Fire Prism kit, but I will be grabbing another one in the not-too-distant future. We'll see what Christmas has in store before I put any more money into new models (I need a LOT more warlocks to run as Wyches as well). For now I'm cleaning up what I've got and getting it ready for some actual use.

You can clearly see all 3 Bright Lances, and since each of the guns is magnetized, I can easily swap out the chin cannon and main turret to still use them as a Fire Prism or Night Spinner. A word of caution to those trying to mimic this, you will need to get the strongest magnets you can find for the main turret. The long Prism Cannon has a lot of leverage, and my magnets are a little too weak, even with doubling them up. The cannon will stay in place, but aggressive movement will jolt the weapon and it will slouch in the spot until corrected. I will probably pull up the gun-socket covers on the turret once I get some stronger magnets and replace what is already there.

Instead of magnetizing, you can create a pinning system that would hold the weight of the Prism Cannon a lot better.

I have been working on one of my wave serpents a bit this weekend as well. I didn't take a picture yet because the coat of bleached bone was very uneven and didn't look too hot. I've mixed up a special pot where I've added in some skull white to brighten up the color and make it closer to an eggshell, though it is still very yellow in hue.

I've never done such large surfaces in whites before and I'm finding the number of coats to get an even tone to be very frustrating. I'll have some images of the first one up after I get the base coats done. Two of my Wave Serpents will be using this very light scheme, and the rest will be mostly black as is the standard for Ulthwé. Below is an image of what I'd like the end result to be, as it is the inspiration for the scheme I'm using. Only time will tell if I do the original any justice. Frazer does some awesome work over at his blog.

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