Friday, October 15, 2010

Works in Progress: Ravenwing Cavalry

As you may have seen in this article I am working with a Space Wolves list based on what Chumbalaya ran at NOVA. So far this list has been pretty good. The only big problems I've seen from it have been on my end.

For the project I'm simply adding some new models to my existing army. I've built a successor chapter to the Dark Angels, and I went with an alternate color scheme specifically so I could jump from codex to codex. I'm in this game to play and I wanted to give my minis the most versatility possible with the least amount of fuss from opponents and fluff bunnies.

Below is the first model being built up for my Ravenwing Cavalry. The horses are all pure black (just like the ones the Order rode on Caliban back before the Emperor reunited with the Lion). I'm going with the same silver/platinum armor that my chapter uses with the green primary accent color. The original color scheme is based on the Disciples of Caliban but using green instead of the dark red. I've modified it a bit, but that should give you a general idea of the army until I can get some more pictures up.

I've gone with purple to highlight the black on the horse as purple is the secondary accent color in my scheme (used mostly for purity seals and weapons). Once the rider is added it should really tie in well.

This still has a good bit of work to go, but it's finally starting to take on the appearance I'm going with.


  1. Coming along nicely there.
    I've always loved the idea of doing a Ravenwing army (or similr counts as type force) mounted on horseback. Sounds very cool.

    From the Warp

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  3. This Is my vesion of it
    and yea the Fluff Nazee go crazy over him



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