Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The War for Achilles Upsilon

As I mentioned previously, I am running a Planetary Empires campaign for some friends, and I will be using the Dark Angels codex throughout to represent my Platinum Angels. While this is not a competitive event, it is a great way to get more games in, and thus become more familiar with an army. Each of the other players in the campaign is mostly working on a new army, so all are unfamiliar with how things should work. It'll be a great learning experience. If I had started Eldar before we got things off the ground, I'd probably be playing Eldar in the campaign instead and be in much the same position. Instead I'll be using Eldar for all my other games outside of the upcoming 'Ard Boyz event.

We have modified the rules for Planetary Empires slightly, and we are using two-week rounds to make sure we can get all the games in without rushing the players. We will be playing for about ten rounds and then we will declare a winner (that person being the one with the most territories)
here is a rundown of our rules:

Planetary Empires Changes:

- Playing out for 10 turns. The player with the most territories at the end of the campaign will be the winner.
- Spaceports will count as two territories for the purpose of determining victory.
- A player may only attack a territory adjacent to one of his own.
- If the attacking player is victorious, he will be able to roll for conquering a territory at the end of the turn.
- If the defending player is victorious, he will receive a cumulative +1 bonus to conquering rolls until the end of the next campaign turn for each successful defense
- When rolling to conquer a territory, the attacker gains a +1 bonus for each of his territories adjacent to the one being attacked.
- When rolling to conquer a territory, the attacker gains a -1 penalty for each territory the opponent he is attacking has adjacent to the one being attacked.
- A player with a spaceport may issue a single kill-team match against any enemy location at the beginning of the campaign turn for each spaceport he commands. Kill team matches are resolved before any other attacks can be issued. No bonuses or penalties from the Planetary Empires ruleset can be used in a kill team match. A kill team victory will allow one of the following two benefits for the attacker:
-- Attack that location in a full-scale assault without needing an adjacent territory for the remainder of that campaign turn
-- Disable the special building on that tile for the remainder of that campaign turn (choose only one building type if attacking a hive city tile)

It is also worth noting that the spaceports count as two territories for the victory condition. This is set to balance out the power of the Hive City tile on the map, as we are currently only using a single such tile. Here is an image to show everyone the layout of the campaign map and the distribution of the buildings.


  1. Is Planetary Empires worth buying?
    Is Raptor playing, lol?

  2. I received the primary Planetary Empires set as a gift. Overall, the rules are fairly "meh", but the tiles and buildings make it easut to generate a map-based campaign. The rules really balance out for those who constantly lose, by giving more points to the people with fewer territories for their army lists.

    Overall it's very fun, and I'd say if you want to set up a campaign without much work it's a good buy. Also, Raptor1313 is not a member of this campaign. I actually haven't seen him in person in about a month or two...



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