Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My list for 'Ard Boyz

'Ard Boyz 2010 is just around the corner, and after some lengthy discussion with some folks over at Bolter and Chainsword I have come up with the following list. I feel it has a proper mix of what is needed to succeed, and that by choosing the appropriate deployment or use of reserves for each matchup it will fair well.

I have chosen to use my Dark Angels successor chapter which I have been using for over two years now. I have developed my skills in the game with this army, and it is the one I am most comfortable with. I will point out that I am using Codex: Dark Angels and bringing in Daemonhunters as allies for psychic protection and some added oomph rather than spinning off into the Space Marines or Space Wolves codices.


130 Israfel (Counts as Belial)
- Reaper of the Fallen (Counts as dual lightning claws)

195 Daemonhunter Karael (Grey Knight Grand Master)
- Psycannon
- Psychic Hood


165 Honorable Brother Rashnu (Dreadnought)
- Plasma Cannon
- Heavy Flamer
- Extra Armor
- Venerable

155 Brother Haamiah (Dreadnought)
- Twin-Linked Lascannon
- Missile Launcher

155 Brother Sariel (Dreadnought)
- Twin-Linked Lascannon
- Missile Launcher


305 Deathwing Command Squad Ramiel
- Apothecary with Assault Cannon
- Standard Bearer with Hammer/Shield
- 1 Chainfist

240 Deathwing Terminator Squad Gabriel
- Cyclone Missile Launcher
- 1 Chainfist
- 1 Hammer/Shield

265 Tactical Squad Maion
- Powerfist
- Lascannon
- Plasma Gun
- Rhino
-- Extra Storm Bolter

250 Tactical Squad Jehoel
- Powerfist
- Multi-Melta
- Meltagun
- Rhino
-- Extra Storm Bolter

Heavy Support:

130 Appoloin (Predator)
- Autocannon
- Lascannon Sponsons

255 Nathanael (Land Raider Crusader)
- Extra Storm Bolter

255 Hadriel (Land Raider)
- Extra Storm Bolter

Total: 2500 Points

Feel free to provide feedback in the comments. I figure the more people that see this, the better the advice I can get. The main plan is to let the dreadnoughts and land raiders do the heavy lifting, providing enough armor saturation and long-range firepower to let me survive through to the endgame. Proper timing on smoke, and the typical of bringing the whole force to bear on a segment of my opponent's army is key.


  1. I think you're kinda wasting the capacity of DAngels to take 5-man squads with Spec Weps...

    I'm no expert on DA, however.

  2. If you have Belial, I see no reason to field Tactical Squads at all beyond maybe a 5 man squad in a Razor capping objectives. Make the most of your scoring Terminators. If you want mobile special weapons, add ISTs.

    It's a Land Raider rock army where the rock isn't all that good. TH/SS Termies slap DW around sadly. I think you'd be better off massing cyclones or ACs and dropping 30 scoring Terminators on the table. Add cheap firepower from Preds and Dreads and throw in Sammael to give you that AV14 goodness.

    Basically, Vanilla could do this particular army a lot better for a lot cheaper. Make the most of what DA has left: Troop Terminators, AV14 skimmer, scouting scoring Bikes, and cheap Venerable Dreads.



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