Monday, March 7, 2011

Works in Progress: Ravenwing Bikers

As you are all likely aware from my recent post on Death Hammer, I am adding some Ravenwing Bikers to the list. About a year or so ago I stripped the paint off of all of my bikes when I decided to update them to my new painting style.

Now that I am actively using them in a list, I have serious incentive to get paint applied to the models. Tournament use is my number one motivator for getting models painted, and it's easy for that to happen when you purchase up more than 13,000 points in the span of only 3 years.

Below is the first squad which I have painted for this. Each one was done over the coarse of last week. I am waiting on some new resin bases from Iron Halo to completely finish of the squad, but it gives a good look at what is coming up for the army.

The pics are kinda low-quality. I'm gonna set up a better area for photographs and get my whole tournament army photographed. This was just a white towel draped over a chair to give me a good surface for the camera to work with.

In the test games since the last tournament, the bikers have performed very well, and complement the missile output almost perfectly. I've had them beat up some Tyranid MCs, ignoring the Feel No Pain bestowed by Catalyst. I've also had them run up against chaos space marines and adequately deal with plague marines and armor while my missiles dealt with the infantry. So far I'm very happy with their performance.

Give me your thoughts on the look of the bikes. I'm going for high quality tabletop. The technique is quick to paint but looks pretty good. I could spend a lot more time to get something amazing, but I'm just not that patient.


  1. Looks good man. I think bikes definitely have some untapped potential in the tourney scene, or rather the now FAQ'd DA codex for that matter.

  2. Nice job with the green. It's dark, but still keeps that richness to it. Sometimes it can go flat or seem pasty and you don't have that here.

    Black Dot Barrel

  3. The trick is the Thraka Green wash. On the riders, it's applied over a silver coat (washed with badab black before the green coat). On the bike & robes it's applied over Goblin Green.

    Of course it takes a few layers to get the deepness I wanted, but I am very happy with how it turned out.



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