Wednesday, December 1, 2010

General Updates: Tournament Results, Podcasts, and more!

It has been a bit longer than I expected to get an update in. I wanted to do this on Monday, but work has been extremely busy, and I've been pounding through some modeling stuff at home. Here's what I've been up to recently:


We had a tournament out in Cullman, AL at Battleground Gaming. It was about an hour drive to get there, but it was a nice place to play. It wasn't organized in an extremely competitive nature, but they used standard mission rules and there were no battle points to be earned. A win got you 2 points, a tie 1, and a loss zero. There was a separate painting competition where each player could enter a single model from the army he was using. No paint score was used in the tournament results and was instead separated into this side event.

I went 3-0 with my Loganwing list, though it was updated to include more cavalry, lone wolves, and wolf guard. I was maximizing my long-range firepower and close combat potential, and I think it worked out pretty well. my 3-0 performance got me 2nd place out of 16 or so, 1 point behind the other undefeated player who was running Chaos Daemons.

Pairings for the entire tournament were set up before the first round began, so that led to some awkward games. For instance, in round 2 I was paired against a player that had lost his first game even though I had won. I disagree with pairing like this if it can be avoided, and I think the time it would have taken to calculate pairings between rounds is short enough to avoid having this happen.

I believe my lower point total vs the other undefeated was due to the sportsmanship type score. We were responsible for rating different aspects of the opponent after the game, and providing the average of those scores and an explanation on our sheets. The total of your averages at the end of 3 rounds was compared to a chart they made before the tournament to determine bonus points. In this way, a single sportsmanship score wouldn't seriously hinder you if your opponent was dishonest or excessively brutal in scoring.

As far as I know my results were very high, as I was 3 or 4 points above the next runner up. My last game was close to being a tie (kill-point game vs a very durable army), but even in the case of a tie I would have been in second place. At the end of the game I had killed a ton of his stuff and the fact that all 3 of my Lone Wolves were still alive is what kept him close on the last turn. If I remember correctly he has about 6 or 7 models left on the table and most of my units were in decent condition. The game had been extremely close in the early turns as he wiped my cavalry from the table quickly, but on turns 4 and 5 it cascaded in my favor when he missed some necessary dice rolls.

I entered one of my terminators into the painting competition. Converted up with all sorts of bits, a custom "Wolf Claw" and a resin base along with some good wash techniques was enough to seal the deal. There were some other REALLY good looking models. Apparently the awesome-looking soul grinder was disqualified as the model wasn't painted by the guy playing the army. That one was definitely the best IMO, so it's sad to see that happen.

With the final result of 2nd place and winner of best painted, I earned $80 in store credit. I used that to pick up 2 boxes of Assault Marines and a box of Chaos Knights to make some more cavalry. The store didn't have any of the Eldar models I was looking for and was also out of any Dark Eldar models. Getting the Assault Marines makes it much more likely that I might use the Blood Angels codex in the future, as I now of 3 full assault squads.


I spent most of the day recuperating from the tournament. 10 hours of standing tends to make the legs a little sore. In the evening, I joined Bill and Jay over at the Gamers Lounge for their podcast. We talked for about an hour, and they were great people to talk with. I suggest you check out their podcast. It's always interesting to listen to (and even more so with me on it ;) )

Monday & Tuesday

Most of my time at home after work was spent working on some models and watching Torchwood. I'm currently in the second half of season 2, and it's pretty entertaining. Any fans of Doctor Who should check it out, but be warned its a LOT edgier than Doctor Who, and probably isn't appropriate for anyone under 13 with all the profanity that seems to be in the show. It's amazing what you can hear when you don't have to deal with the FCC.

I've been taking arms off of models and magnetizing them to expand some options without buying a lot more stuff. I have now magnetized all 30 of my robed veterans, 9 out of 12 sergeants (still have the devastator sergeants to go) and 14 special weapon marines. I also gave a lot of my metal models to a friend since he's building up a Space Marine army. With the new models I got this weekend I'm still sitting at over 13,000 points though. I just wanted to tighten up the visual aspect of my army a little bit, and I felt that the metal models were detracting from the aesthetic I was trying to accomplish.

I am working on getting a new camera and a little lightbox set up so i can do some good images for a gallery. If any of you can point me towards a decent but inexpensive digital camera, that would be great. Ideally I want to get a DSLR, but I'd have to do some research to find the right one and it'd likely be a lot more expensive.

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