Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where has all the time gone?

This post is mostly an "I'm still here; don't go away" kind of post. I have started back taking classes at the university to grab a Master's degree in software engineering, so all of a sudden some of my free time has been eaten away. I do have some things in store, however, so here's a teaser of stuff to come in the next couple of days:

  • Tournament Information & Army Lists
  • Planetary Empires: Campaign Update
  • Playing Eldar: My experiences so far
  • Playing Dark Angels: Series Debut

The Playing Dark Angels segment is going to be quite long-winded as I go over the ins and outs of using the codex in the current edition (according to my experiences). This is going to be an ongoing series describing the different facets of list building as well as strategy and tactics behind the units. The list alone is worthless if you're not using it properly, and for the Dark Angels, that is something more deadly to the player than the opponent's army (much like the Eldar, I'm finding)

I will cover deployment options, timing, meta-game decisions in list building, and the benefits awarded to this army. They do exist, and I find after having played for over two and a half years with them that I do much better with these units than their counterparts in other Space marine codices. I will discuss differences to those codices, but will emphasize how to make Dark Angels work for you rather than bashing on wargear options and rules that haven't been brought into parity. I will also show how Dark Angels line up in the grand scheme of the typical tournament scenarios and scoring.

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