Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crusade of Fire: Emerging from the Warp

Tonight at The Foundry, we are starting a Crusade of Fire campaign with some customization. I will be playing the roll of GM and telling the origin story for my Dark Angels successor chapter (Currently going under "Angels of Darkness"). Things are a bit fluid right now with exactly how the special end-of-phase missions will play out as we are still planning those, but a lot of the elements from the campaign missions will be present.

We have nine players, but turn order will be done a bit differently. The Unforgiven (taking the place of Prophets of War) will be placing first (We already control the system), and will be outnumbered by all the other factions. This balances out the early benefits for holding the best Strategic Objectives. We have the same amount of planets of each size as the original campaign, but more strategic objectives with a little bit better spread. We will be bringing in planets in a different order to make things interesting (Starting with 5 planets, and then bringing in 2 more in each of the other phases).

I have generated a custom map for the campaign, which you can see below, showing only those planets available for Phase 1:

We will be allowing Forge World models and we will be using the Dogfighting rules. At least one special mission will utilize the Special Operations: Killzone rules. All standard games will be played at 1500 points. Each campaign turn will take 2 weeks, giving us about 18 weeks to finish this off. It looks to be a great time. I look forward to sharing how things go, and I will post map updates as we progress.

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