Sunday, January 20, 2013

Playing Dark Angels: Emerging from the Warp

I've been silent on the hubbub of Dark Angels tactics and strategies for a while as I absorb the codex, test some things out, and get myself to a point where I can give advice and have it mean something, rather than just spout stuff from having skimmed the book a few times.

Starting this week, my FLGS will be doing a Crusade of Fire campaign with modifications. I play a DA Successor Chapter, and this campaign is going to tell their re-emergence story, as their solar system emerges from some raging warp storms. I'm gonna use the opportunity to try out very weird or unusual things with my lists, so I'm sure I'll find some awesome new tactics to share with everyone.

Also on the agenda is preparing my Dark Angels army for the 2013 CAGE Match Finals taking place February 9 &10, just 3 weeks away. I'm focusing on the most immediate competitive builds, and there are a few things going around right now that are worth building around:

  • Ravenwign Command Squads/Black Knights
  • Azrael with Guard Blob
  • Standard of Sevastation
  • Power Field Generator + Land Raider Crusaders
  • Flakk Missile Spam
  • Drop Pod Assault + Deathwing Assault
  • Support Speeders in squads of 5

I will be posting somewhat regularly over the next few weeks with insights from the campaign and playtesting. We're getting our team set up for ATC this year too, so expect some information on that!

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