Monday, April 11, 2011

Website tweaks incomming

I am in the process of planning out some new additions to the site that will hopefully encourage me to post a little more frequently. I will be definitely providing a section on army lists, primarily focused on Dark Angels, Grey Knights, and Eldar.

I intend to start working on a gallery of my completed minis as well as organize some of my more identifying pieces. I intend to turn Being Gamist into an ongoing article series about maximizing ones use with the rules system, sometimes at the expense of common sense or background. The focus is to educate players on how the game works with undisputedly legal rules interactions, particularly those that are not intended by the designers. The hope is these efforts will bring awareness to both the community and GW, and so in the future GW will be better prepared to put their intentions into valid rules.

I'm still messing around with Grey Knights, but I am quickly getting a feel for them, and I like what I'm seeing. I'll be posting up my thoughts along with a Being Gamist article about how some of the poor wordings on a few units work currently as written and where i think the changes should be made to correct these issues.

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